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The MacArthur Genius Fellows were announced yesterday, rewarding "exceptional merit and promise for continued and enhanced creative work."  The prize for recipients is a grant for $500,000, "no strings attached," as an investment in the continued growth of good ideas. As Professor John O. Dabiri puts it, "it gives me the room the fail."

Professor Dabiri is one of one of the 23 newly-christened geniuses by the MacArthurers. At 30 years old he's the youngest winner but is already at the vanguard of some of the most interesting engineering problems facing our society today.  He studies the biodynamics of cnidarians AKA how jellyfish move, which has wide ranging engineering applications from pacemakers that regulate heart blood-flow to harnessing wind in super efficient wind turbines. 

Watch a profile of Professor Dabiri and the rest of his 2010 genius cohort at the MacArthur site.