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Category Archives: BBQ

It’s the height of BBQ season. And that means come weekend time, you’ve got a 3-speed fan pointed at you (oscillating if you’re generous), you’ve got a cold beverage that’s sweating more than you and you’ve got a cookout somewhere on your block.  Just poke your head outside and the burger vapors will slap you in the face.

Red meat, cooked on charcoal served, on single-use plates are the signatures of the American summertime BBQ.  Unfortunately, these staples of the season are far from sustainable.  But there are a few easy things that anyone can do to green their cookout.  Steaks and dogs from grass fed cows; cotton tablecloth; plates made from fallen palm leaves are some of the first steps.  And the easiest action- not buying anything new at all.

Check out the WSJ‘s search for the Green Cookout and share your own ideas below.

by idea ablaze