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Two years ago young people poured out to the polls in record numbers.  Since then laws have been passed that directly benefit young people- the age you can stay on your parents' health care has increased to 26; service programs  like AmeriCorps have expanded to employ more recent college grads than ever.  These initiatives only happened because young people exercised their right to vote.  For more reasons why you should head to the polls today check out this compelling list from our friends at Check the Weather:

Because you get Freebies
While the Power Vote Stickers are pretty fly, nothing compares to that little white sticker that says “I voted”. That little sticker shows the world and your community that you care, plus it can lead to some pretty nice freebies. One election day freebie to look out for: California Tortilla is giving away a free taco on Election day to anyone who comes in with proof of voting (i.e. “I voted” sticker). For more voting day giveaways visit
Because it could lead to a job for you and your crazy cousin

In the midst of the largest recession since the Great Depression millions of people are wondering where they can go to find a job. By advocating for a transition to a clean-energy economy you are ensuring that new jobs and careers are created here in the United States. According to and former White House Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, 5 million green jobs and careers can be created by making long-term investments in a clean and just renewable energy economy. However we cannot delay, the rest of the world has already started investing in clean energy solutions, including manufacturing wind turbines and solar panels. If we do not act now our lack of investment in the green economy will increase our dependency on foreign governments for our energy needs and could lead to more wars and economic depressions.
Because you could save a life, including your own

Let’s face the facts, dirty energy like coal and oil kill. 9 workers were killed during the BP Oil Spill and 45 people have died in work related accidents at coal mines in the United States in this year alone. Just in the past two weeks 37 people died in a coal Mine in Hanan, China and one man died at a coal plant in Kentucky making it the third death this year at that one plant.
What is even worse, these numbers are small in comparison to the death rates caused by the polluting emissions created by oil, coal and gas industries. The United Nations Global Humanitarian Forum recently reported that approximately 300,000 people worldwide die every year due to the impacts of increased Climate Change and Global Warming. All that pollution going into the air from smokestacks that ooze out emissions from dirty energy are leading to the greatest increase in Global warming in 200 years. If we sit back and allow United States politicians to continue allowing this country to be the biggest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions that increase climate change what exactly are we saying? We are saying we do not care about the lives of over 300,000 people each year and we are comfortable murdering people for our own energy needs (yikes!).
For more on the science of Climate Change visit
Because climate change is your problem
Even thought its become politically toxic, and politicians are putting distance between and sometimes even bullets in climate change legislation.  But the fact of the matter is  that climate change affects you. According to the 2008 report, A Climate of Change : African Americans, global warming and just U.S. climate policy (Environmental Justice Climate Change Initiative) Low-income communities and Communities of Color will be the most impacted by Climate Change due to high populations in coastal hurricane zones and counties with already high pollution rates and economic disadvantages.
Because your future depends on it. Literally.
The full impacts of Climate Change may not be fully known right now. However, one thing we do know is that there is a pretty big chance many of the politicians and big fossil fuel executives stalling our ability to reduce greenhouse emissions that cause climate change will not be alive in 2050. This is the year when the worst effects of climate change are predicted to occur and polar bears are slated to go into extinction. If you are between the ages of 0 and 50 there is a good chance you will still be alive and carrying the burden of what politicians did not do today. Power Vote is about taking ownership of the future and showing the world we want to ensure healthy, sustainable and empowered communities.

Read all 10 reasons to vote and find out about the Power Vote pledge, visit Check the Weather.