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Residents of Tellevast Florida have agreed with Lockheed Martin to settle their property contamination suit out of court. This is a huge step towards compensating the 270 people whose lives have been tainted by a cancer-causing berylium leak from the Lockheed Martin plant. 

Lockheed Martin had bought the site from the original owner, the American Berylium Company. They didn't know the level of pollution but at purchase they assumed legal responsibiltiy of the contaminated site.  This responsibility expanded to cover the 200-acre pollution plume which had seeped into the town's groundwater.

The leak was discovered in 2000 by Lockheed but at the time the company was not compelled by Florida law to disclose its finding.  Residents only learned of the carcinogenic leak 3 years later. They have been seeking justice from Fortune 500 ever since. 

The cancer-causing agents like trichloroethylene (TCE), common machine degreaser, makes the ground water prohibitively dangerous.  Lockheed has acknowledged that it will take 50 years to restore the town to pre-toxic levels.  Despite this, they have refused to locate the 80 homes of this historic town.  

The terms of the settlement have not yet been made public by the company or Tellevast residents.

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