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With obesity rates among African Americans at such a high level—according to the Office of Minority Health, nearly 4 out of 5 African American women are either overweight or obese—- it doesn’t hurt to look at new approaches at healthy eating that still appeal to our tastes.

That’s why I recommend Bryant Terry’s Vegan Soul Kitchen—– "Fresh, Healthy, Creative African-American Cuisine."  Now I’m not recommending we all go 100% Vegan.  But many of the recipes could be great side dishes to smaller portions of meat and protein.  I’ve personally tried the Savory Triple Corn Grits, and can attest that they’re just as creamy and delicious as regular grits that are overloaded with butter. 

Bryant Terry’s is an inspiring figure.  He was a food policy fellow with the Kellogg Foundation and tours the country awakening peoples’ consciousness and pallets to the joys of local, seasonal, and sustainable food and the repercussions of eating the status quo.

Here’s a great video on the Mother Jones website where you can see Terry cook up some citrus collard greens!

Photo Cuisine Noir Mag