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Category Archives: Doug is the Recruiter and Trainer for pH. He’s a long time career coach and multimedia trainer. He’ll write about creating a balanced work/life

  A day doesn’t go by where I haven’t had some conversation with someone (usually well under 35) about where they are going in their career.  I’ve spent the better part of the last 20 years  as a personal and professional mentor to the next generation of media professionals.  Many people are working independently these days due to the poor economy but yet, many also want to work independently.  What we will talk about here is the workplace "environment." I’ll post articles as well as pass along conversations I have with people who work inside a company or work from home. 
Pass along your thoughts to me as well.  A safe workplace environment where you can thrive is vital to success.  Sometimes it’s about a physical structure.  Sometimes it’s about the people.  We’ll look at both.