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Howard students are at the front lines of the most influential city in the world, at the brink of a green revolution that could change all facets of American life.  This group looks to discuss those initiatives on campus, around the Beltway and the world.

Former green jobs advisor to the President, Van Jones, 'keeping it real' at Howard University, fall 2010.

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University was established October 3, 1887 on "the highest of seven hills" in Tallahassee, Florida. More than 100 years later, students from the largest historically black college have decided to rethink their lifestyle and consistently incorporate "green efforts" in their everyday life. Whether it's recycling, beautifying the campus through tree planting or engaging students to commit at least one eco-friendly action in their life, FAMU will fight for environmental justice and continuously inform students about environmental issues. This group is committed to report facts concerning the university and its efforts to help students become more eco-conscious. Journalists from the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication will submit facts through multimedia and interactive platforms to help you better understand our southern region!

What's our PH? Neutral…We will always look at both sides of an issue!

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