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Category Archives: fall

October isn’t all about Halloween. Not only is it the start of baking season, but it is also the end of harvest in some states. 
To mark both occasions I went to the farmer’s market downtown and bought some locally grown late summer/ fall staples like zucchini, sweet potatoes, and acorn squash. Michigan has a bumper crop of apples, so I bought some of those too. 
With my bounty I made apple spice cakes, sweet potato zucchini bread, and squash soup. 
I happen to think that local and seasonal food tastes better, but it is undeniably better for the environment too – think cutting down on the miles produce typically travels, not supporting factory farms, and the carbon foot print you shrink by not reaching for something packaged. 

Convinced that you want to eat local too? Check Local Harvest for a farmer’s market near you. 
Here is a recipe to get started
PS-  I used local spelt as a sub for flour.