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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been measuring nationwide diabetes occurance and four years started releasing that data.  Since they started the number of cases has steadily risen.  Over at Slate, they turned that data into an interactive map that shows the most saturated places in America.  Some counties' diabetes percentage pushes into the upper teens.  Take a look at the map and consider that nearly twice as many African Americans suffer from diabetes than do white Americans.  Notice any patterns?

In 1971, President Richard Nixon declared a war on cancer. Through the National Cancer Act, he established the first presidential panel on cancer and charged them to submit an annual report on cancer in the US.  

This year, the presidential panel has said that environmental factors are more responsible for the rising cancer rates than previously believed. Dr. Philip Landrigan told ABC news that "for the past 30 years, there has been systemic effort to minimize the importance of environmental factors and carcinogenesis…This report marks a sea change."

Some of the hazardous exposure detailed in the report include pesticides, fertilizers, pharmaceutical byproducts in water supplies, household chemicals, and emissions from cars, trucks, and planes. The panel urges the Obama administration to put more funding in for research of environmental toxins.

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When I see stories like this, I wonder if African Americans and Latinos are more affected because of disparities in health care or because of genetic reasons….

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