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New research shows that Latinos and Asians are disproportionately likely to live near toxic refineries or manufacturing plants.  Researchers from UC Irvine looked close to 12,000 people in homes through 6 communities in Southern California. They found that neighborhoods with 15 percent more Latinos than average were exposed to 84.3 percent more toxic waste. Those with 15 percent more Asians were exposed to 33.7 percent more toxic waste.

But the study in the journal of Health and Place also claims that income and race are not the biggest factors in predicting one’s proximity to a toxic chemical site.  Researcher, John Hipp told the Orange County Register that "it turned out more educated neighborhoods have fewer of these sites. It’s less an income thing and more of an education thing."

This could be because less-educated immigrant communities are not aware of the health risks associated with living in the shadow of a toxic site. 

To educate yourself on the risks of resedential refineries, check out pH’s coverage of Human Rights in Cancer Alley.The study appears in July’s online issue of Health & Place

(Photo by Sousveillance)