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Category Archives: humor

I’ve been a fan of the Fallen Princess series since the images went live last June. Recently two final images were added and they are just as captivating as the first set. One image is of Ariel from The Little Mermaid in an aquarium. When I saw the image I thought about how the oceans aren’t exactly what they were when that film was released and about how she represents something nearly extinct being sustained in captivity. There are many ways to read the image, but with the oceans becoming more acidic and certain fish populations becoming depleted, would Ariel actually enjoy an idyllic life in an aquarium that recreates what the oceans were?

Check out the website, I really like her  recreation of The Princess and The Pea story. Instead of our princess waking in a stately palace, she finds herself in a landfill. While pretty extreme, it does make one think about how dealing with our modem issues – like trash – interrupts our ideas of comfort and familiarity.

If these stories were rewritten for today would they have to accommodate global warming? And how would we retell these tales to future generations?

PS – This one is also pretty captivating, little red riding hood having McDonalds in the forest; maybe it’s a food desert forest.