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Category Archives: interracial

A fellow blogger turned me on to a movie called "Rosas Blancas para Mi Hermana Negra" that I just *have* to check out. It aired on Telemundo last month and Ann of the blog "Beautiful, also are the souls of my Black Sisters" described it as "a Mexican soap opera that tackles racism, colorism, hate, and the trauma of losing a loved one whose organ donation in death gives life to another human being" across color lines.

Long story short… a pair of lifelong girlfriends (one black, the other white) raised their kids together and all is well until the Black woman’s son falls for white woman’s daughter and MUCHO drama ensues. The Black woman’s daughter gets in car accident while the white woman’s daughter needs heart transplant. The comatose Black daughter is a match (which shouldn’t surprise anyone who heard pH’s story on Race-Blind Heart Transplants)! In spite of their differences they go through with the operation and reconcile.

Two impressive things about this movie:
     1) It is from 1970!!
     2) The film closes with the Black mother singing a heart-wrenching song entitled “Por que el color de la piel importa tanto” (translation: “Why does the color of the skin matter so much?"

Hoping someone out there can find a better recording of it, but for now check out this recording!

Definitely add it to your must see movie list!!