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Last week there were stories everywhere about which cities in the US are considered the "most educated."  It’s based on a survey done by a University graduate student who looked into educational attainment of US cities.
San Francisco was #1 followed by New York City, Boston and Washington DC. Rounding out the top ten were Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, Providence, Philadelphia and Miami.  It’s not that much of a leap to find that those cities are magnets for young job seekers too. In the same survey the area with the most college degrees, which seems to be a different measurement, is the DC area.
In my work with college students over the last 16 years, I’ve talked to hundreds about finding work out of school and the first five cities mentioned were always on the list.  Young people want to be around people like themselves.  I moved to the DC area a long time ago and have since found it a place that is (for the most part) not as greatly affected by economic downturns.  The population continues to grow because of the universities there and the opportunity for individuals to find the kind of work they seek from non-profit, environmentally conscious to for-profit businesses to politics to government to media.
As you search for work, add into the equation the questions of "where?" and "for how long?" as well as the kind of job. You probably will change jobs but if you live in a place you like, it will probably like you back.