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A press release on Tuesday by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency revealed John Hankinson, Jr. as the new director for New Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson appointed Hankinson, a Florida native, who has served in the private, public and non-profit sector fighting environmental issues for more than 30 years.
An executive order was signed by President Obama this month to implement restoration programs and projects for those affected by the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Lisa Jackson was appointed chair of the task force.

“We’re pleased that John has accepted this responsibility and is willing once again to step up and serve the people of the gulf coast. He will play an instrumental role in fulfilling our commitment to a full and lasting restoration of this area,” EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson said in the press release.
John Hankinson's qualifications:

  • Served as regional administrator of EPA region 4 from 1994-2001
  • Directed the development and implementation of water quality protection plan for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
  • 10 years experience with overseeing the St. Johns River system in Florida
  • Currently serves as environment and conservation lands consultant

What will be Hankinson's duties?
Hankinson will report directly to Administrator Jackson, coordinate interagency initiatives, oversee staff and efforts, develop an ecosystem restoration strategy and make sure science is included in each initiative by the task force. 

What's next for the task force?
Administrator Jackson will hold the first meeting of the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force on November 8 in Pensacola, Fla.
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Source: EPA

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson