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Those aren't rocks you see in the picture above! It's the BP Oil Spill aftermath! Dead fish, eel and crabs blanket the Gulf of Mexico. According to NDJ World News, environmental expert Ed Overton said deaths were caused by a lack of oxygen in the water as oil covered the surface.

With news like this, it’s no surprise that companies are considering to partner with organizations and universities such as Florida A&M to help with the Gulf restoration.

FAMU has received $497,663 for the project, "An Environmental Education Program for Expanding Conservation and Stewardship of the Gulf of Mexico." Drs. Katherine Milla and Sunil Pancholy from FAMU's Center for Water and Air Quality are leading the project.

Those who participate will help reach underrepresented communities by developing promotional items produced by Florida A&M to increase awareness about Gulf issues.

“A major goal of the project is to increase citizen awareness of the value of natural resources in the Gulf of Mexico and its coastal regions, and to promote conservation and restoration of the waters of the Gulf,” Milla said.

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Press release:

For more information about the project, contact:
Dr. Troy Pierce at; (228) 688-3658; or, visit

Dr. Katherine MillaDr. Sunil Pancholy
Dr. Katherine Milla   Dr. Sunil Pancholy

Are you going to help?

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