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The best parts of nature sometimes only reveal themselves when you aren't looking for them.  That's what Planet Harmony's Erica Baker discovered when she set off on a hike.

Erica Baker: I remember when I was twelve years old, and I was at a sleepover. Every kid loves a Saturday- a sunny Saturday- even better! My friend Erica and I decided we should find something to do outside- Erica said she knew of a trail by the main road. She passed by it everyday when she gets on and off the bus but said, today we should see where it goes. Excited about the prospect of adventure, we charted a path. As we left the house, we picked up Erica’s two cousins who lived a couple of houses down. Then, off the four of us went into the great Georgia woods.

You see we come from Stone Mountain, Georgia. A part of Metro Atlanta, and home to the largest exposed piece of Granite rock in the world! It’s a scenic place full of nature and wildlife. The Piedmont region of Georgia is home to many foxes, deer, an array of insects, and different types of trees like the dogwood.

As we walked the trail the sun peered through the trees. The leaves and twigs crunched under our feet as we ran on the red Georgia clay. We were so distracted, playing that we lost track of time and how far we’d walked. We were deep in the forest, surrounded by trees but Erica suggested we walk some more.

Another five minutes passed and we began to see the area open up ahead. Curious about what was there, the four of us ran to the light. When we got there we discovered what seemed to be a picture on a stamp… it was a hidden lake! The lake was huge and looked so pretty as the late afternoon sun glistened on the water. The four of us sat down and skipped rocks until it was time to go. When we left we held onto the feeling of excitement of our day preserved in our minds forever.

If you are stressed, bored, or just curious… take a walk. Experience the natural world around you. Just maybe you’ll find a hidden lake, valley, field, mountain, or even a beach that you never knew existed in your own back yard.

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