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Category Archives: Lisa Jackson

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has been rounding the talk show circuit, diffusing partisan Climate Reform beef. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a proponent of climate legislation, pulled his support of a (precariously) bipartisan climate bill when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) slid immigration reform up to the front burner.  Apparently the Senate has never heard of multi-tasking. So once again, as with every stage of this drawn-out process, the headlines proclaimed the "Climate Bill Dead."  

Lisa Jackson played damage control on the Daily Show and Letterman to tell the public that though the Senate missed their Earth Day peg they are working to bring Graham and his Republican cohorts back onboard.

Administrator Jackson also talked with Jon Stewart about the EPA’s jurisdiction over green house gas regulation.  For the first time ever, in March, the EPA began regulating car emissions, shooting for a 40% decrease in the next 5 years.  Jon Stewart’s commute via Private Jet sandwich (I think he sits inbetween) will not be regulated.  

Do you think Senator Graham is justified in his criticism of Senator Reid’s  jockeying of immigration?  

Or is Senator Graham, as Jon Stewart points out, a big baby?

Also, does anyone else think that this is Jon Stewart’s least funny interview?