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Amal Bennett

I just saw Michael Jackson’s This Is It- an amazing film with a lot of great behind the scenes footage from Jackson’s concert tour.  I went to a matinee show this week after class and was a little surprised to find myself alone in the theatre.  But there are definitely benefits to having a “private screening.” I not only sang out loud to some classics, like “Thriller” and “Billie Jean” but I also stretched out into the aisles to practice my moon walk, spins and pelvic thrusts. The only time I paused was when the custodian walked through the movie. After he left, I started jamming again.
During the movie, I discovered that Jackson wrote an environmentally- conscious song called the “Earth Song.”  I always knew Jackson wrote socially-conscious music like “Man in the Mirror” and “We Are The World.” However, I was pleasantly surprised to here him sing about drought and deforestation.   I was puzzled that I had never heard the song but apparently the song was not initially released in America. Nevertheless, it remains Jackson’s best selling song in Britain. Jackson was definitely an inconvenient truth, 13 years back.
Check out his epic music video!!!

Photo by Ben Heine