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Category Archives: NIgeria

It’s not very often that I like rap songs with a green message.  Usually they’re (in my opinion) really cheesy.  But Talib Kweli and Hi Tek have captured my frustrations about the oil industry in one freakin’ awesome song.  It’s called Ballad of Black Gold and it’s a breath of fresh air from the usually vapid music I hear on the radio. Talib provides a rare voice in hip hop, puting politicians supporting the oil industry on blast.

In an interview on Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner, Talib said inspiration for the song came from a trip to oil-rich and oil-burdened Nigeria.  Over the past 40 years the Nigerian government has estimated 7,000 spills… 1,000 of which belong to Shell. BV Black Spin’s Laura Adibe wrote a really great article on this subject.


You have to check this song out and watch the interview.  Let us know what you guys think!

Photo by jcbehm