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These days our attention drifts more towards glowing screens but old fashioned ink and paper are still all around us. No place is our dependence on paper and the trees they come from more obvious than on college campuses. Ashli Doss, a journalism student at Florida A&M University, is on the paper chase to see how her school deals with paper waste.

Ashli Doss reports:

Printing papers is a way of life when you’re a college student, from term papers to lecture notes there will always be a need for printing on college campus. On the campus of Florida A&M University School officials are looking for an easier, cheaper way for students to print.

Student Government Association Vice president Breyon Love says, “There is a need for a printing conservation program at our university.” Costs associated with printing have escalated since SGA decided to provide unlimited printing for students on campus.

The funding of $25,000 started during the 2010 spring semester until money ran out. Funding lasted until students abused their printing privileges.

Last year alone, over 40 million pages were printed at the computing labs. That’s the equivalent to a whopping 150 trees. The increase in printing can be traced to a number of different sources including greater academic reliance on systems such as Blackboard.

Jene Adams who’s responsible for printing services. Says” Our goal is to improve the efficiency of our computer centers by eliminating unnecessary waste and cutting down the cost of paper and printing supplies.”

In an effort to both conserve paper and control costs, a printing conservation program will be initiated at the student computer labs run by student government. A survey taken by students and faculty will give their input based upon printing and academic needs. The student government association will then partner with the office of information technology to review the feedback and help to develop the future policy. 
The new policy will eliminate courtesy printing and students and faculty will now pay for printing to reduce waste. Savings from the new program will keep the computing fee from needlessly increasing for students. Such savings are intended to stabilize the student computer fee rather than reduce it.  
Technology instructor Robert Senior says, “Thanks to the concerted efforts of our students and faculty to conserve paper we are making great strides to help FAMU cut down on the waste generated by unnecessary printing.“ 

FAMU is here for you! Saving trees and reducing fees reporting for Planet Harmony this is Ashli Doss.