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How far would you go to challenge yourself in reducing your carbon footprint? How about a whole week without using plastic? Just think, no plastic candy wrappers, no plastic packaging, no soda bottles, and no plastic bags. Taking it a step further, you could even exclude radios made of plastic or plastic storage bins or plastic asthma inhalers. Because plastic is so pervasive in our daily lives, I think it might be a pretty rough challenge, but someone did it and lived to tell!
In the summer of 2008 blogger Zadi Diaz gave up plastic for seven days and documented the whole process. She found herself at a lost when she needed aspirin… because hers was in a plastic bottle, but she did learn some valuable lessons along the way and she gives some great tips on cutting down on plastic.

Photo by welovepandas

This family in Argentina designed and built this amazing house made out of plastic bottles!

Photography courtesy of Alfredo Santa Cruz