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Category Archives: sarcasm

We are pretty green around here (both kinds). But we are not the only new site with the "Planet" in mind.  British Petroleum is launching their own online magazine called Planet BP.  The Wall Street Journal got a hold of an inside-draft of the publication that shows the company desperately trying to put a glossy sheen on the crisis in the Gulf (another glossy sheen).  Since your friendly environmental news site, Planet Harmony, also covers the on-going gusher, I’d hate for people to get us confused. Below are a few differneces so people can tell which "Planet" they’re on.

While Planet Harmony talks to researchers exploring why clean-up crews are falling sick,  Planet BP profiles a shrimper who argues "there’s no reason to hate BP."

When Planet Harmony shares videos of hip hop criticisms of the spill (By Mos Def and the Cornel West Theory), Planet BP publishes sunny stories about how BP is helping the Gulf tourism industry, including claiming that "hotels have been prospering because so many people have come here [the Gulf] from BP and other oil emergency response teams"

And while Planet Harmony covers environmental issues pertaining to communities of color (and sometimes writes sarcastic commentary), the "Massive flow of Bullshit Continues to Gush from BP Headquarters."
Image Courtesy of Virzaq