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Category Archives: sinkhole

The Earth is literrally done supporting us. Or at least it seems that way.  In less than a month, in two seperate occassions, the ground has opened up and swallowed some sizeable patches of land with no regard for the buildings and humans on them.  First a freak lanslide in Quebec black-holed a family home and now a three story building in Guatemala. Is this Poltergeist or the 2012 prophecy coming true? Or is there a reasonable non-Apocalyspe explanation?

There’s a lot of theories floating around why there’s a 60 foot wide, 30 stories deep, perfectly circular hole in Guatemala City.  But the consensus of geologists and geophysicists seems to agree that the heavy rains from Hurrican Agatha hastened the dissolve of water-soluble sediment (limestone, carbonate rock, salt beds)  that cuased the sink hole.

Geological answer might not be the most exciting, but it’s better than "a portal to hell."  All I can say is tread lightly.