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Category Archives: sound design

Sound designer, Diego Stocco, blew open the trees-are-musical world with his seminal work, Music from a Tree. It’s a sound experiment that asks the question: what if instead of playing instruments made out of wood, we went straight to the source? And lucky for us the answer sounds amazing. I spoke with Diego last year and he explained his process for finessing an incredible range of sounds from an old olive tree in his backyard. You can hear that explanation in our episode, Hip Hop and Tree Music.

Now the sonic explorer is back, with a bite sized version of tree music and another nature-inspired audio treat. I just got this email from Diego:

"It’s been a while since our last e-mail, I thought to send you the links of a couple of works I recently did, both involves nature. After "Music from a Tree" I tried also the smaller scale and I did "Music from a Bonsai" : ) Just yesterday I posted a new video, "Wind Light Trees and Piano" this one happened in a very spontaneous way, it was a windy day and I felt inspired by all the sounds that were happening in my backyard. It’s called, it’s an abstract piece. I hope you’ll like them!"