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Category Archives: transportation

This fun video has been circulating around the net of late.  It shows rush hour in Utrecht, the 4th largest city in the Netherlands, sped up to add a little drama.  There’s young and old, zipping along on their way to work.  It makes me think maybe it’s not so impossible for cities and towns in the States to embrace greener ways to get around. Click here to see the video.

Check out the fancy, extra spacious bike lanes (they almost look like streets made especially for bikes!)  Is this what it will take for people start to consider their bike a legit form of transportation? It’s pretty flat in Utrecht;  they’re lucky they have that to get them motivated!

(photo via Streetsblog)

This picture makes me feel guilty whenever I use my car!

Photo from the City of Munster, Germany Planning Office (h/t MetroRiderLA)