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I just found a new site that ROCKS! It is called "This is what a scientist looks like!" and the name says it all.

Scientists from any/all disciplines are invited to post images of themselves to challenge the stereotypical image of the white male scientist in a white lab coat with glasses.

Here you will find the pink haired microbiologist mom, the cognitive psychologist who coaches an under 5 soccer team, the sword-weilding anatomist and the tattooed entomologist. I think this site is a good place to start the "thought revolution" that will make the next generation more open to scientists that look like Doctors Mae Jameson and Tyrone Hayes.

Here is a call to action!! Represent!! Whether you are a budding scientist in high school, an undergraduate working in a laboratory, a graduate student out in the field or a bona fide researcher – let the world know that scientists look like you too!!


(Image © Brad Swonetz/Corbis)