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Jay-Z once famously said, "I check cheddar like a food inspector." It was a brilliant coupling of the hip hop and dairy industries that has yet to be rivaled… till now.

Video stats: Over 777,000 views in just 20 days!
Allow me to reintroduce you to Yeo Valley Farms (pronounced Yo!). Yeo Valley is an organic farm and dairy business in the U.K. with a unique and youthful vision. This family-based company started producing organic yogurt back in 1993 and their line has grown from there to include butter, cheese, milk and ice cream.
Buzz is also growing around this new video ad (now available on itunes!). Deftly designed to draw a young, hip to the green scene, Yeo Valley called in some heavy duty help to shape their message into a music video. They enlisted music video director Julien Lutz (best known for his work with artists like Usher, Alicia Keys, Mystikal, The Ying Yang Twins and Rihanna) and Yeo Boyz to create an authentic organic anthem.
With tractors bumpin like cadillacs on hydraulics and beat-laden production it was hard to go wrong. The lyrics are delivered with skill and don't come off forced at all even with a strong conservation message:
"This isn’t fictional farming
It’s realer than real
You won’t find milk maidens
That’s no longer the deal
In my wax coat and boots
I’m proper farmer Giles
Now look
You urban folk done stole our style"

Did they succeed? I'll let you be the judge. Drop your comments below!
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