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Administrator Lisa Jackson’s EPA has made Environmental Justice one of is central issues.  The Agency has been inviting participation on environmental discussions in some creative ways.  Most recently EPA’s EJ branch hosted a video contest to find the new "Faces of Grassroots."  Submissions ranged from a Green Hip Hop Video, to a youth produced News Reports to an animation.  Check out all the winning videos here.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with the crisis in the Gulf; some try protest, others patience, while many find solace in a dark corner to crouch with their heads between their legs.  Luckily for us (especially the panic-ridden), many have also turned to humor in the face of this ecological and economic disaster. For comedians, the BP clean up efforts has delivered a buffet of absurdity.  Below are just a couple of our favorite BP- brilliant parodies.

The subversive masterminds at the Upright Citizen Brigade comedy troupe take the BP leadership to task, imaging how they might handle a board room coffee spill. "Don’t worry it’s a small spill on a very large table"

Mr. Stewart at the Daily Show lampoons the colorful names for each failed attempt to stop the leak…i.e. if the "top hat" doesn’t work, maybe the "hot tap" will, or what about the Women’s defense class favorite: "junk shot." (tune in around 1:40). 

The Onion responds to BP CEO, Tony Hayward’s, relentless gaffing with, "Massive Flow of Bullshit Continues to Gush From BP"

Though BP provides more than enough grist, they aren’t the only target of satirists.  The unflappable President Obama fired a rare expletive in the direction of BP on NBC’s Today Show.  Autotune the News made music of the soundbyte.

Who do you think is making good comedy in the face of this tragedy?