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The Simpsons are back. Last night’s episode offered more than the string of sight-gags (great Homer falling asleep montage) and oddball adventures we’ve come to expect from the yellow clan.  It showcased a topic near and dear to us here at pH.  

As Homer describes it; "a kite’s best friend, the flag’s partner in patriotism, you’ve seen cherub’s blow it from map corners…" yes, this show is  brought to us by Wind Power!

Homer, fed up with high energy bills, packs up the family and heads to the Springfield Alternative Energy Expo.  After meeting a pushy Danish salesmen, the Simpsons return in the dinged pink car with a windmill twined to the roof.  

I’ll restrain myself from giving away any more but the episode stays on the eco-joke track with a pivot to a story line about Lisa trying to save a beached whale. Near the end of the episode the Simpsons even get a lesson on the dangers of sharks being over-hunted for their fins!

The last time the Simpsons tried a doomed-from-the-start inter-species friendship was when the radio station reluctantly presents Bart with a prize named Stampy (Give me my elephant!).  Lisa’s relationship with Bluella the Whale draws on the same enormous mammalian connection… but don’t worry, the tenderness stops abruptly short of becoming precious when dynamited whale meat falls from the sky.  Ok, now I’ll stop.

Just glad to have America’s favorite TV family thinking about conservation and alternative energy.  Can’t wait to see Mayor Quimby sign a hilarious comprehensive climate reform bill; Apphu start a wacky chain of LEED certified organic grocery stores.  Can’t wait. 

Watch the episode here.

What do you think about the trend towards green TV,  like NBC’s green week of programs?

Does it bring environmentalism to a new audience or just make a network seem conscious?

What are your favorite eco-minded TV episodes?

If you want to know more about "a kite’s best friend" and sending power back to the grid check out the LoE’s coverage of the Cape Wind story.