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Amal Bennett-Judge

Last week, I accidentally washed my cell phone with my dirty laundry. That put a damper on my day… but while I was trying to find out how to replace it I did discover some interesting, eco-friendly tips. Here are my top five…
    Recycle your old cell phone. With AT&T, the company encourages consumers to bring any unwanted phones, accessories and batteries to retail stores. This simple action helps decrease e-waste in landfills.
    Buy refurbished phones. This option is cheaper and comes with a warranty.  One can find a refurbished iPhone with renewed contracts at AT&T. If you are worried about inferior quality, these phones have passed a barrage of manufacturer tests.
    Unplug chargers after use. This simple action not only saves your battery but also saves you the time of having to recharge.
    Turn-off phones in non-service areas. This means movies, airplanes, and when you’re out in the boonies.
Buy sustainable skins for your phone. If you tend to mistreat phones as much as I do, you should consider a VERS durable covers. These bamboo covers are not only stylish but also sustainable. Furthermore, the company pledges to plant more trees for every tree used in the production of the cover.

Photo by samrowlands


  1.  OK, you have convinced me to try the Savory Triple Corn Grits.

    In the meantime, here’s a suggestion. Make those collard greens or kale or swiss chard the central focus of the meal, with a bit of Tony Cachere’s New Orleans spice and bit of cooking oil for a quick saute. Put just a small piece of jerked chicken on the side and serve it up. MMMMmmmmm.

  2. Great Article. Very informative.

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