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There are a lot of criticisms of the way we get meat; it's a drain on our natural resources, factory farms sully the environment and the animals are treated inhumanely  We know that, but if you come between a man and his rib-eye, you're looking for trouble.

A chef in Brooklyn is showing customers a new, ecologically friendly way to get protein… it just takes some guts:

"You really want to go green? Try this. “I have my month’s meat growing in my office,” Mr. Ross said. “It’s taking up almost no space, it’s organically raised, it’s as fresh as I want it to be and the waste from it is garden compost.”"

In North America, lobster (a proud member of the arthropod family), was reviled as prison food until the 50's when it became a delicacy.  How long will it be until the locavores embrace the gourmet mealworm?

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