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After learning about the complaints, history, and impact Wal-Mart has had on communities and small businesses, I am weary about the opening up of  four Wal-Mart stores in Washington DC. Does the profit outweigh the cost? Personally, I would say I do not think so. Yes, Wal-mart can bring jobs to communities with high unemployment rates; however it also decreases employment when competing companies go out of business. Not only will small businesses suffer, but it is also possible that the culture and history of a community could suffer as well. If a store that has historical history in a community is forced to close because of the competition of a Wal-Mart, not only do faithful customers to that store lose, but the community as a whole loses. So, I believe that the opening of a Wal-mart in Washington DC is problematic unless this issue as well as many others is addressed. 

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