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Thanks for visiting the Planet Harmony Campus Project page. You were selected to participate in this evaluation as a student at a Historically Black College/University-a group we hope to engage in this project. The project is aimed at creating informal media education for young, minority audiences interested in environmental science.

This webpage serves as a portal to the evaluation components of the Planet Harmony Campus Project. Our Planet Harmony Web Survey is now online and we are eager to get your feedback about the site.

Planet Harmony Website Survey: This survey is your chance to provide feedback and suggestions about the Project Harmony initiative. Click here to enter this survey. Please complete this survey AFTER you have spent at least 30 minutes exploring the Planet Harmony website.  We hope you’ll read some of the stories, listen to podcasts, watch videos and contribute your ideas, opinions, experiences and materials to the site. And then share with us what’s working, and what’s not; what you liked and what could be improved. 

This opportunity to participate in this project (and to complete the survey) is open to all students. 

Please complete the contact information in the survey – it is our way of knowing that you participated, and ensuring that you receive a Planet Harmony water bottle  in appreciation of your efforts.

If you have any questions, please contact us either Dr. Alice Apley or Dr. Shorna Broussard Allred at the information below:

Dr. Alice Apley
Senior Research Associate
RMC Research Corporation

Dr. Shorna Broussard Allred
Research Director, Planet Harmony
Associate Professor, Dept. of Natural Resources, Cornell University

Thank you for participating.

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