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Biodegradable plastic technology enables plastic products to break down with the help of bacteria and other biological processes.  Where as regular plastic can take up to 1,000 years to degrade, biodegradable plastic takes only three to six months.  Manufacturers have hailed it as a green solution to plastic pollution.  But a new study suggests otherwise.
Researchers from North Carolina State University have found that what makes biodegradable plastic so appealing is exactly what gives it the ability to do more harm than good.  Because bio-plastic breaks down so much faster than traditional plastic, methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming, is released much more quickly.
For some landfills, the extra methane is no problem, as it can be used to generate energy.  But there are as many landfills that don't.
 The study is not all bad news however. The researchers’ wanted to address the assumption that biodegradable plastic is always better.  In an interview with Discovery News, Morton Barlaz, an environmental engineer who participated in the study, said that the findings do not conclude that biodegradable plastic is less green.  “If you are truly asking which is better or worse, you should look at the emissions from the manufacturing phase plus disposal for whatever materials you’re trying to compare.”
If disposed of properly, biodegradable plastic is in fact greener than conventional.  According to Barlaz, composting biodegradable plastic is the best way to make it worth while.
Something to consider for example is whether or not there is a composting facility near you.  Another factor would be if all of your trash goes to a landfill, does this landfill convert methane into energy?  But the easiest and least complicated way consumers can reduce their plastic pollution footprint, is to simply reduce how much you use and how much you throw away.

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